Fringe Worlds

Evan Braddard has been lost!

The session began with Victor Davion, and Dr. Alex “Peg” Colebine in Joe Vellard‘s lab in Gorgon, Titan working on Victor’s SEST Armor when they heard a knock at the door. It was Danielle Baker, an old acquaintance of Peg’s from the Fission War.

Danielle seemed upset, and strung out from co Corvian Sunset withdrawl. She explained to Peg that she had recently been on a job smuggling some goods to A1006 and was told by someone there to meet a guy back on Titan by the name of Evan Braddard. The nature of the job wasn’t clarified but Danielle decided she’d at least talk to Evan.

She then went on to explain that when she arrived on Titan, she met up with this Evan guy at Lindsay’s Dive not very far from the starport. While Danielle was speaking with Evan, Gunner burst in on their little meeting, knocked Danielle out and took Evan away at gunpoint.

She woke up groggy, and disoriented and thought she should tell someone, and the first person she thought of was Peg. So, after a short discussion with Peg – Danielle, Peg, and Victor decided it best to head back to Lindsay’s to see what else they could learn.

Meanwhile, Kevlik Serkovlah just arrived in the starport in his new ship, with a guy he just hired temporarily by the name of Hazard. Kevlik was on the run from Eden Corp, and was looking to meet up with Evan Braddard who apparently had more information of value to him.

Braddard had hired Geoffrey Langston to meet up with and escort Kevlik to Lindsay’s Dive where they would have a meeting. Presumably to meet with Danille Baker as well.

Geoffrey, and Kevlik arrived at the bar at the same time as Victor, Danielle, and Peg. Shocked speechless that they all ended up at the same time in the same place they stepped into the bar to see what they could find. They saw there had been a struggle and learned from the owner, Lindsay, that Gunner had headed to the starport, so they rushed that way too hoping to catch Gunner before he left.

They learned after asking around that Gunner had been seen in the same docking bay as Kevlik had used and so the group thought it best to get there quickly. There, they found the ship was overrun with armed men who had just rigged the ship to blow if it started up. After some gunplay they dispatched the saboteurs and disconnected the bomb managing to salvage it for use in the future.

Just as they finished defusing the bomb, they saw a ship leaving the starport from where they suspected Gunner’s ship was. So they gave chase.

Across three sectors they chased him, his ship was naturally faster, but Kevlik’s expert engineering and through Danielle’s excellent piloting they were able to keep up and met them in the third sector – Alliance space.

Just as they crossed through the final gate, they opened fire on the ship – hoping to disable its engines. They also radio’d in to the nearby station and gate pretending to be authorized to give chase.

They managed to damage the engines just enough that gunner couldn’t safely dock on the station where he was intending to go. It was just then that the station launched three fighters who gave chase to them! Danielle pushed Kevlik’s ship to its limits and avoided being blown to pieces by the new fighters. Some good shots from Geoffrey and Victor completely disabled the engines of Gunner’s ship and sent it spiraling out of control.

More ships launched out of the space station and they had to make a choice, continue persuit, or break and flee. They gave it one last go – pushing the ship as close Gunner’s as they could in an attempt to board, but he was spiraling to fast out of control so Kevlik kicked the engines into overdrive narrowly allowing them to avoid smashing into gunner’s ship.

At this point they had no choice but to flee, however their moments spent trying to capture Gunner cost them precious time. They turned their ship back toward the gate and put the petal to the metal. A red light was seen flashing above the gate… it was closing! All five fighters gave persuit, and unleashed hell on their ship. Danielle gave it her all while Kevlik and Geoff hammered away at the engines, trying with everything they could to get every ounce of juice.

They evaded the worst of the damage and were almost home free! That’s when the fighters switched tactics and opened fire on the gate instead, hoping to cut off their escape! They opened fire, and when Danielle saw what they were doing she had to think fast. She decided that the armor on their ship might hold up against some of the shots protecting the gate from taking to much damage. It was just crazy enough to work, and it did!

They blew through the gates, gunfire blazing behind them just as the gate closed, and the session ended.



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