Fringe Worlds

Maven IV - A Retrieval

Immediately after escaping being trapped in Alliance space, the group headed back to Titan. Once there, they decided to do some investigating and see if they’d left any stones un-turned.

It turned out, that they had never visited Evan Braddard’s home to see if there were any clues there. So they broke in, and took a look around. They found that Evan apparently had some ties to Corvio, and a strange stone of an unknown material (which Dr. Colebine is presently looking into).

A few days after their arrival, an old friend stopped by – Gunner. He had a proposition for them, he would help them get back Evan if they would help him with a run to Maven IV. With few other options at their disposal, they agreed and set to work carrying out the plan.

They flew to a station nearby Maven IV, and half the group entered the station peacefully. Meanwhile, the crew that stayed on the ship flew under the station to plant explosives. After some ingenious subterfuge the party inside of the station managed to get through the first few security checkpoints, but ran into a bit of a snag at the last checkpoint – Hazard (who they hired for the trip) opened fire on the security guard.

This caused the place to go into an uproar of commotion, sirens blaring, and military personnel immediately dispatched. The party rushed to the hangar bay to pick up the ship they had come for.

Meanwhile, a repair crew had come out to “help” the party still in their ship. The repair crew docked and the party ship-board jumped them. Quickly after they planted the explosives and waited for the order.

After a brief and deadly gunfight, those on the station jumped in the relief ship and gave the order to the ship crew. The explosives blew tearing a hole in the bottom of the station big enough for their ship to fly through. Due to the station’s hangar being suddenly blown to bits the hangar couldn’t dispatch ships to give chase and the party fled toward Maven IV…



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