Fringe Worlds

Out of the Fire and Into the Frying Pan

This session began with the players gaining easy access to Maven IV, thanks to some handy Leena’s hacking work.

As soon as they were about to touch down though, things got rocky fast, as a surface to air missle struck the ship’s stabilizer and sent it streaking toward the heart of the city. Despite all odds though, through Danielle’s incredible prowess in piloting, they were able to land sustaining only minor damage beyond the initial blow.

They knew they had to move fast, so the group split into two…

Cargo Team
Dr. Colebine

Parts Team

Cargo Team

Dr. Colbine, Gunner, Geoffrey, and Leena rushed toward an apartment building in the heart of the city. There, they were jumped by desperate survivors holed up in the lobby of the building. They fought off the folks in the lobby and rushed up the stairs. On the 8th (and top) floor of the building, they went into an apartment and found many pictures, some of which looked like Gunner.

Sitting on a table in the apartment was a TV that looked out of place, and a video sitting atop the television. The video contained a man explaining to Greg that in exchange for safe passage off of the planet, the man would release Greg’s wife, and daughter.

They ran rushed to meet him, and further splintered the group as they found out they only had thirty minutes to leave the planet. The girls stayed at the ship trying to get help while Gunner and Victor pursued Gunner’s family…




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