Captain Kage

The pirate captain of The Lisa


Refresh: 3
Physical Stress: 3
Mental Stress: 3


Pirate Captain of “The Lisa”
Calculating in all things
I’m untouchable
My poor Lisa…


Fantastic (+6): Rapport
Superb (+5): Contacts
Great (+4): Deceive, Will
Good (+3): Resources, Empathy, Shoot
Fair (+2): Piloting, Investigate, Lore, Physique
Average (+1): Fighting, Notice, Provoke, Stealth



“The Leap Frog” AKA “The Lisa”
– Only ship in the known universe that can jump
– Glass cannon


The dangerous and cunning captain of “The Leapfrog”, or as he prefer it known – “The Lisa” is known throughout the known verse as someone who can’t be touched. He’s infamous for his calculating attitude, and sell-sword sense of loyalty.

He knows the power of the ship that he resides in, and takes full advantage of it. Jumping in on unprotected bases, robbing them blind, and then jumping out. He has also been known on occasion to take hostages out from public view, and jump to locations with no gate after making ridiculous demands.

Kage keeps his head and face shaved clean. He has light blue bright eyes that are often narrowed in thought. He maintains am excellent physical condition and wears trim, plain black clothing.

Captain Kage

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