Dr. Alex "Peg" Colebine

Semi-retired war-torn combat medic


Refresh: 3
Physical Stress: 3
Mental Stress: 3


Semi-Retired War-Torn Combat Medic
Tormented by Nightmarish Flashbacks
A good friend to those who are close
“How can that be used?”
Money is of little interest


Superb (+5):
Great (+4): Medical
Good (+3): Craft, Notice
Fair (+2): Empathy, Lore, Physique
Average (+1): Shooting, Athletics, Will, Contacts


Supply on the Fly



Physical Description


During the Fission War, on the war torn planet of Titan, a rescue mission went bad. The combat medics fell under fire and had to retreat. During the retreat a fellow medic became trapped in a mine field. In an attempt to rescue her friend, Alex sacrificed herself and pushed her friend off of the mine. Alex lost her leg and had it replaced by a cybernetic limb.

Dr. Alex "Peg" Colebine

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