Kevlik Serkovlah

An older former Eden corp engineer


Refresh: 2
Physical Stress: 2
Mental Stress: 4


Former Eden Corp head engineer
I know something about Eden Corp
I’ve got it!
These bones aint what they use to be
Friend of a friend


Superb (+5):
Great (+4): Crafts
Good (+3): Resources, Will
Fair (+2): Lore, Contacts, Rapport
Average (+1): Shooting, Investigate, Notice, Computer


Trust Fund
Better Than New!


Hypernion Class Frigate
“The Searcher”
Has a few basic guns, though not a fighter ship
Can handle interstellar travel (through gates)
Can fly within most atmospheres
Crew: 4 (Pilot, Co-Pilot, Engineer, Gunner)
Passengers: 4 (Two bunk-beds)

Turns on a Dime
Standard Ship Design


Physical Description

Older man, long gray hair and beard. Scar across right eye socket which holds an obvious cybernetic eye. He has a slight limp and uses a cane to steady himself but can get around without it.


Created a duplicate of a key to A1006 which contains a great advantage to whomever controls it. Through countless years of service, learned of the backdoor dealings and control of The Solar Alliance by Eden Corp, which caused him to go against the president but believes in the nation. When attempting to reach his contact about giving the key to The Solar Alliance, something went horribly wrong and was forced to flee the core worlds and rondevu on Titan.

Kevlik Serkovlah

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