Victor Davion

Ex Sgt. Solar Elite Strike Team


Refresh: 2
Physical Stress: 4
Mental Stress: 3


Ex-Sgt. Solar Elite Strike Team (SEST)
Executed The League of Free Worlds’ president
Torn between duty and morality
SEST Power Armor
“I’m not your errand boy.”


Superb (+5):
Great (+4): Shooting
Good (+3): Athletics, Physique
Fair (+2): Fighting, Will, Drive
Average (+1): Stealth, Resources, Notice, Contacts


Quick on the Draw
Tough as Nails


SEST Power Armor


Physical Description


Sgt. Victor Davion was a Solar Elite Strike Team Leader in the Alliance Military Force. His team was the first to touch ground on the “Liberation” of the League’s homeworld, the last bastion of opposition to the alliance. His team, along with others, fought their way to the capital city and disabled planetary and city defenses in advance of AMF main forces. His team then received special orders to infiltrate the government building and secure the league president.

Once completed and the president secure, he was ordered to execute the president and make it look like he died due to an explosion in the battle.

Victor Davion

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